Savage World

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The savages are elite weapons of destruction. The savages are runaways or social forgettables. Gladiatorial wannabees, expendable and replaceable. The most savage of them all is a character named Evie, a warrior on a mission. Her goal in life is much like, Hunger Games, she must expose those who put everyone else in harms way for their own enjoyment. Much like the Hunger Games, to expose the corruption of the have's, Evie must become a contestant to use the wars for her benefit, if she survives. Evie will do what needs to be done, kill and/or be killed to end the savagery of her people. The savage legion is what it's namesake says it is, a legion of savagery. The epic adventure of three strong women characters, each with a different strength. One is a warrior that is pretending to be just a common street person that got caught up with everyone else that is used as battle fodder. She is to save a guy she knows and once loved but know is married to someone very important. Someone she promised to return him to. The other woman is disabled. She lives by her brains and wit.