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Savage Legion was a slow burn book for me. There was a good amount of world building so it took a little while for me to get a feel for the environment, and even characters at times. Also, there were layers to the political system, which then trickled down to the very society and culture of the Cratians that had the ability to complicate things. This was another aspect of the story that had me take my time because I wanted to make sure I absorbed all of it. As the story unfolded and the complications and corruption of Crache were revealed bit by bit, I found myself fascinated by the constant turn of events.

I really liked how Matt Wallace (MW) wrote the three female POV’s (Lexi, Dyeawan, and Evie), and was able to seamlessly begin and end each chapter as the story progressed. So much about the evolution of each POV and how MW wrote them as women who have the ability adapt to their situations and survive was exciting. When I read I don’t like to guess what’s going to happen next with the characters or the story because not only am I usually wrong, but it tends to take me out of the story into my own head. But I couldn’t help it with Savage Legion! This book had me on my toes, and I was just eager to know what was going to happen next. With two more books in the series, I’m honestly excited to see how MW ties the stories together.