Sardonic tone.

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I liked the sardonic tone in the the dialogue and the relationships between the characters--for example, when FBI Field Supervisor Ralph Wilkens meets Tyler "Wild West" Jackson.

Any book that starts off with a quotation from Tyler Winklevoss has to be full of wisdom and a sense of fun. Jackson and his cohorts are sassy and interesting and they carry the book forward briskly.

It was quite like watching an episode of "The Wire" with various "field work" stratagems being carried out to catch the bad guy(s).

Our ragtag crew definitely comes from the discount store, but they try harder, even if their office isn't as fancy as, say the desk of some receptionist in an office where they have business.

I feel after having read this that I am much more prepared to fight international criminal activity on the Web in a much more energetic and proactive fashion.