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Would not have bought it

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2.5 stars
The book's main plot was about a train being taken hostage. For me, the book moved to slow at the start, it took about 100 pages to even be on the train (the book is a little under 400 pages). The author, Andy McNab, used to be in the SAS and this series is going to surround the story of a SAS solider. This is the first book in the series, and I think the main reason why I wasn't a huge fan of it was because it was extremely detailed and seemed more focused on setting the story up for future books in the series instead of this one.
The writing style is a little too detail-orientated for me. For example, the author would write about the background and surrounding area during a scene, and go into extreme detail with it, but the background stuff would not really effect what's happening with the book.
I think I would of liked the book a little more if it focused more on how the main character joined the SAS and his beginning days of it.