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SAS: Red Notice was my first Andy McNab book! It may be a bit of an odd complaint, but I'm always a bit skeptical when the authors name is larger than the title. I know its somewhat of a standard practice, but it makes me feel like the book is relying on the reputation of the author rather than its contents.

Although it had a slow (but extremely violent) start, it was suspenseful and action packed. The chapters are short, so its nice to pick up when you're short on time. On the other hand, there are so many characters it can get confusing! It's definitely military heavy, which isn't usually my cup of tea, but anything military that was too detailed usually came with an explanation.

Despite the decent plot, relationship with nice moments, and good writing, I just never got hooked. Maybe it's the fact that none of the adjectives I chose in that last sentence (decent, nice, good) are stellar. Everything was just...fine. So it's not bad, not great - a nice read if you have the time.