Stupendous Read!

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This is an action thriller that involved a terrorist attack on a train and with the power of unconditional love, Tom Buckingham managed to rescue the day. All the characters were well designed and although he is the villain, Lazlo still managed to be my favorite. His only mission was to fight for his country and his cruelty made him a complex character. In the end, we get to see a little bit of his humanity trying to spare Tom's life.

The only thing that I disliked was that in some chapters, the reading was drifting me away into daydreaming because of how boring it was such as when they explained how some military items worked, but I understand that it was important for context and understanding of the real SAS team.

This is my first time reading an action book and Andy McNab didn't fail me. I enjoyed the plot and the romance. I hope to see the movie to differentiate what I had imagined. Hopefully, there is a part two to this amazing book!