Military Thriller

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There is tons of action in this book, but still a little romance is able to sneak in. Tom ends up on the train with Lazlo because he is chasing after Delphine who has left him after one too many secrets, time with the boys in his team and missions that Tom cannot tell her about and keeps him away. They are a cute couple and Delphine is definitely a strong woman and does a great job in holding up in the bad situation. I will say, if a bad guy takes me hostage, I think Tom would be a very good guy to come and rescue me. He is smart and keeps going until the job is done. I do kind of hope that there will be another book with Tom Buckingham to answer the corruption that is mentioned in the end. They need to pay for what happened!

I can very easily see this book as a movie and it is obvious that the author is well versed in all the actions and terminology of the SAS, having been a part of them himself.