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Military and Romance

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In SAS: Red Notice, the main character, Tom, inadvertently gets on a train that also has an international terrorist on board. Tom's main adjective is to merely stop the love of his life from leaving, but being part of Britain's special forces, his service to his nation and his love for his girlfriend collide.

Reading the novel, the characters were well developed, as I've never read the other books in this series. However, I am disappointed that a couple minor characters died--it would have appeared that they would play a larger part and their deaths were almost a little bit anti-climatic. For me, the saving grace of this book was the romance between the main character's and the girlfriend's spunkiness. She was not a shrinking violet and I sincerely appreciated that she did not wait for a guy to save her. At times, the military information was heavy and a little clunky, but I understand how it added to the book.