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Lots of action

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Tom Buckingham is the ultimate SAS soldier. His allegiance to the SAS causes a rift between him and his girlfriend, Delphine, who leaves him to head home to France - on the same Eurostar train that’s about to be hijacked. Tom, of course, finds out her plan, and manages to get on the same train by the skin of his teeth.
There’s a bit of political intrigue, lots of bloodshed, violence, death. And a lot of military jargon. Given Andy McNab’s background, I have to assume that a lot of that is accurate, but I found some of that a bit tedious, and maybe unnecessary.
The story, though, military jargon aside, is gripping, especially as the book moves on to the climax, in the tunnel, and then out on the French countryside. And it ends with the possibility of a sequel - there is one very big loose end there. So, we need to wait and see how the drama with Ashton and Clements plays out.