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Great Adventure

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I thoroughly enjoyed going on this exciting, nail-biting action adventure with Tom Buckingham; the main character who reminds you of a rough and tumble James Bond. It’s a fairly easy read with short chapters that manage to keep the pace moving along quickly by following multiple threads. This novel is the stuff of good storytelling and author Andy McNabb was spot on. Using his knowledge gained from a career in the SAS and as a consultant to security and intelligence agencies the world he has crafted a great novel that’s stunning and filled with adventure and chair gripping action. Some of the events and activities are a bit far fetched but it is after all, a novel. Take the time to read quotes SAS: red notice quotes and you will be transported to a place that will take you away from your daily existence into the world to feel it combat units. I will definitely read a follow up novel if there is one and I look forward to watching the soon to be released movie. Thanks to BookishFirst and Welbeck for the complementary copy.