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Get on the train!

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Sergeant Tom Buckingham knows what he must do...he must get on the train! SAS Red Notice is full of action packed adventure. I think the title of the book and the cover showcase that pretty well. This is not a book I would typically read (that's why I love Bookish First!) and I'm glad I had the chance to check this out. Tom and his girlfriend have some issues to work out and Tom, the dashing heart pounding lad that he is knows what he must do to save her. I thought this story played out pretty well and did a good job at keeping my interest too! The story was a little predictable in some sections but also had me page turning quickly to see what would happen next. A great combo of pulse pounding action. I liked that it took place on a train and I guess according to the cover this will be turned into a movie. That's pretty cool! I can see this playing really well as a action flick!