Fast-paced Chunnel thriller

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SAS: Red Notice is a fast-paced, engaging thriller which takes place mostly in the Chunnel. The main character, Tom Buckingham, is an SAS soldier who ends up on a Chunnel train to France trying to win back his girlfriend, Delphine. She is leaving him because he is married to his job and his buddies and seems hesitant to commit to her. The dark tunnel setting creates an urgent, claustrophobic atmosphere. Andy McNab's career with the SAS, and the FBI, advising on hostage negotiations, provides an authenticity and accuracy to the dialogue, plot and characters. The SAS characters are likeable and the reader feels like they are right there as part of the action. I was happy that Delphine was tough, intelligent and spirited, not a shrinking violet waiting to be rescued. The terrorists are violent and evil, but not two-dimensional as they are given a complex backstory. Readers looking for well-written non-stop action and intrigue will like SAS: Red Notice. There are descriptions of violence and atrocities that may be too much for some readers. I can't wait to see the movie.