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Action-Packed Military Thriller

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This is not my usual genre of book; usually I am firmly in the mystery or rom-com camp...but I happened to notice that Red Notice was to be made into a movie starring Sam Heughan, so I was interested. And this book really surprised me with how quickly and easily it held my attention. From the very start it was absolutely packed with action, and even the side characters (all of Tom’s SAS buddies, Laszlo’s brother, even the COBRA group running things behind the scenes) were fleshed out nicely. I also enjoyed that there was a romantic storyline; it complemented the intense action well and did not feel out of place at all. There was a bit of a cliffhanger to the end of the story, though the majority of it was tied up quite nicely. So I would not be surprised at all to find myself reading the rest of McNab’s Tom Buckingham series sometime in the near future!