Action and Excitement!

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I wasn't sure I was going to like this book what with it being a military thriller and all but I gave it a try and was surprised how much I liked following the actions of Tom Buckingham as he goes all out to save his girl Delphine and the rest of the people on the plan from the dastardly plan of Lazlo. Even better is that the villain is more complicated than standard bad guy, though his brother is just pure evil, especially with the flamethrower. There are some shadowy people making choices and I really hope that Tom will get to the bottom of it all in the next books since this one ended pretty nicely but with unanswered questions and regrettable deaths that should not have happened.

The author really knows his stuff since he was also part of the SAS back in the day. It added to the realism of the story that way. I could easily see this as a movie and I now I will probably go and see it when it comes out to see how closely it resembles this book.