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A True Action Thriller

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This book is a true thriller from the first few pages. For anyone who is claustrophobic, be forewarned that the terrorists are at work in a tunnel under the English Channel where a train full of passengers are en route to their destination. Twelve terrorists versus a lone and off-duty SAS agent. Every move and weapon rings true since prolific author McNab has an actual SAS experience. I liked the book a lot and would recommend it to anyone who wants a nail-biter, modern terrorist story. The 400-person hostage situation is definitely high stakes for SAS protagonist Tom Buckingham since his French girlfriend with whom he desperately wants to make amends is also on this train. In fact, the reason Tom Buckingham is on this train is due to his last minute decision to go after her and explain that he does love her as much as the SAS.

Unfortunately, Buckingham is not only outnumbered but injured.This adds to the tension for the reader.Thriller fans will enjoy not only the very realistic tactics but also the unexpected plot twists. Another trigger warning: there is a lot of violence.

This book is a fast read. It is not heavy-duty lasting literature but a good commercial read.