Time to combine menus again

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This is a cute YA story, a young love story, an enemies to lovers tale. There is a family feud that runs full circle. It started with a cake and ended with a different one. The only thing I didn't like is my copy didn't have any recipes in it. All the foods prepared were known by their Brazilian names, a language I don't know that well.
Lari and Pedro grew up in bakeries across the street from each other. Pedro learned to cook his family recipes. Lari's mother and grandmother carefully didn't teach her to cook. They even convinced her she was a menace in the kitchen. Her mother wanted her to go to college and become an accountant. Nothing against accountants, but that was not Lari's dream.
Some of the events in the book felt a little contrived. But, except for a bit of coincidence I thought pushed this more than needed, it was a sweet story. I mostly read it as a break from the rather overwritten non-fiction book I'm reading for someplace else. I do recommend it for a lazy afternoon.