Such a Cute Book!

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Salt and Sugar was such a cute book! I feel like there’s been quite a few re-tellings of fairy tales and classic stories lately, but this modern take of Romeo and Juliet is definitely my favorite to date!

Even though this book is geared towards young adults, it never felt juvenile! The writing was captivating and, even though the storyline was familiar, it never felt redundant or overdone. I enjoyed how there were Brazilian words sprinkled throughout the text, giving the book a more authentic feel. I also loved the level of detail in this book, especially when it came to the descriptions of food. The scenes were easily imaginable and came to life in my mind.

What I loved most, however, was the relationship between Lari and Pedro. I adored their scenes together, especially in the beginning before they got to know each other better. There was such a great chemistry between these two characters!

Overall I thought Salt and Sugar was a fantastic read! I loved every moment of this book!