Romeo and Juliet with baking

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Salt and Sugar is a Romeo and Juliet styled enemies to lovers young adult romance. Which enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and as a baker it was an extra treat that this story centered around baking/ feuding bakeries.

I really appreciated the detail put into the background story. I usually stay away from Romeo and Juliet retellings because it’s so hard to get it just right. For me, there needs to be a solid, layered history to the feud instead of one petty argument and I felt this story delivered that.

Even though there is immaturity to the characters, it fits since it is a young adult story. And despite it, I still really liked the characters and was invested in their story. Although, I wish we had gotten Pedro’s POV for at least a few chapters instead of it just being all Lari. It’s always nice to see the romance happening from both sides.

All in all this was just a very sweet and cute read.