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Do not rely on Molinas or frying pans with thin bottoms.

This has always been true, Lari Ramires has known. Her family's bakery, Salt, and the Molinas' bakery, Sugar, directly across the street, have been at odds for many years in Olinda, Brazil. But when Lari's cherished grandma dies, her entire life is turned upside down. Additionally, a major supermarket chain just relocated to the area, forcing many of the local small businesses to shut down.

Lari does the unthinkable—she collaborates with Pedro Molina to save both of their bakeries—in an effort to defend her home. Although Lari is aware that she may not know Pedro as well as she had assumed and may even appreciate what she discovers, the question of whether a Ramires and a Molina can actually be trusted still persists. It is truly quite an interesting addition to my read list. S