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The families of Lari Ramirez and Pedro Molina have been a part of a feud for generations, not unlike Romeo and Juliet themselves. Their families have competing bakeries on the same street, one selling only savory goods and one selling only sweets. After the death of Lari's grandmother, her family must make a difficult choice regarding their bakery. Soon, Lari and Pedro get to know each other better and start to realize that maybe they don't want to be a part of their families' fight anymore.
Salt and Sugar was a quick, enjoyable read. It was easy to root for Lari as I got to know more about her and her reasonings behind what she does. I felt the pacing and timeline of the book were a little bit off. So much happens that would naturally require more time, but instead felt a bit rushed, like the competition or applying for colleges. Overall, I thought it was a good retelling of a classic type of story.