Fun Family Feud Story!

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This is a brilliant story that brings in culture, enemies to lovers, and family drama.

We start off with this theme of grief that helped build the entire basis of the story. We have a beautiful backstory into the happenings of each family, as well as what led to the feuding and the motivations behind it. You see a parallel between the grief and the feuding of the family that is absolutely beautiful and hasn't been seen often enough.

We also see our main characters struggling with real life problems: bullies, grief, anger, and family pressure to name a few, which makes them extremely relatable. The passion that both Pedro and Lari feel about their families businesses and about what they want, and eventually towards each other is brilliantly written.

Finally, the overall imagery of the book was amazing. You could smell what was being made in both Salt and Sugar, the food descriptions made your mouth water, you felt like you were in Brazil with the families. I loved looking up the recipes of what was being made (obviously to add to my "make later" pile!) as well as the different festivals. You felt like you were right there in the middle of it all!

Absolutely a fun, must-read!