Forbidden love

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I grew up with a love of the beautifully tragic story of Romeo & Juliet. As a child of the nineties I first read it for Freshman English, then subsequently fell in love all over again as I watched it on the big screen. Nothing more 90's than Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes in the titular roles. Ps- that soundtrack tho! When I read the blurb and first few chapters of Salt & Sugar I already knew my inner nineties self was going to love this book!

Lari Molina is mourning the loss of the patriarch of her family, her grandmother. With her grandmother leading the way her family runs a bakery, Salt. Pedro Molina's family runs a rival bakery, Sugar. The two families are each other's competition, but what would happen if they joined forces to ensure both bakeries could remain successful ?

I love how the author not only shows us the tight knit bonds within the respective families but also the culture and traditions. Seems to be a dying thing these days.
The sweet banter between Lari & Pedro almost makes you forget they are supposed to be enemies. Such a cute story!