Cute Young Adult Romance

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I have to say that enemies to lovers isn’t my favorite trope but it was done well in this book and I enjoyed it. I find the relationship/chemistry often forced with this trope, but this story was realistic and the characters developed the relationship at a good pace. Lari and Pedro’s ancestors dreamt of opening a bakery and from a fluke they found the one family’s sugary recipe went perfectly with the other family’s salt recipe. Betrayal occurred and that recipe was sold getting one family a slightly bigger bakery when they opened competing bakeries across the street from another. Salt focusing on the savory and sugar focusing on the sweet. Generations have gone by and Lari is dealing with the death of her grandmother and the struggling of her family business Salt. Her neighbor and nemesis Pedro returns from a mysterious disappearance and the feud seems completely active as the two drive each other nuts. Events at school push them together and chaos and confusion ensue. Overall I gave this one 3.5 stars rounded up for the believable romance.