Great start!

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My main thoughts:
- I absolutely love the detail on the cover! Such a great design!
- Everything seemed to transition so quickly in the story, and I don't think I liked that very much. I would've appreciated slower transitions between the scenes and things Lari, the main character, was experiencing.
- The emotional pull was great - the words really made me feel sad for Lari, and I like that the story was powerful enough to move me; that's something I look for in books.
- I did not like what Lari's mother made her promise to never do. A young girl makes a mistake and that means she's banned forever from trying again? I also very much disliked her actions towards Lari. You prevented her from entering the kitchen to cook, and then you're angry when she doesn't know which spoon to use? To fix YOUR own mistake? I hope her mother changes.
- That ending left me gasping "oh no" and now I really need to know what happens next.

Overall, this was a great start to what I think is an amazing story. I definitely want to read the rest of it!