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One of the most hyped up books Bookstagram has to offer!!

This was defintly not a thriller but more like a mystery.

Ever hear of Natalie Hollaway? It's kind of like she goes missing on a remote island while sneaking out one night to party with locals while leaving her younger sister Claire alone in their bedroom.

Until the next thing Claire knows, is everything is going to change forever.

All grown up and trying to leave in the past of her sister's tragic murder, Claire becomes an editor not living in the big apple of New York, a strange ghost from her past bumps into her unexpectedly.

Now things really change for Claire.

This couldn't be "Gogo" from the island where her sister was murdered and found naked, eyes-opened wide and lying in the water dead for all to see that morning was tragic enough to visit back to...but now this, real in the flesh a blast from the past.