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Saint X was one of the books I have been most highly anticipating for 2020. It’s the story of a family that goes on an island vacation with their young daughter, Claire, and older daughter, Allison, who just started college. Allison is found dead while on vacation, and 2 men (hotel employees) are charged with her murder. Years later, Claire is living in New York City and has a fateful run in with one of the accused men. What follows is a deep look into these 2 people and how Allison’s death affected them.

📚What I Appreciated About the Book:
The writing in this book is brilliant. The way the author describes emotions and drives for behavior is so spot on. So many times in the book, i would read a sentence and think,”wow, I haven’t heard it put that way. It completely sums up that experience perfectly.” The deep dive into the psychology of Claire and Clive is so nuanced and perspective. These characters were completely 3-dimensional beings that I truly believed lived outside this novel. As a therapist, I appreciated the portrayal of Claire’s OCD ticks and how it affected her family and life.

📚What Didn’t Work For Me: While the writing was so strong in this novel, I found the story itself to really drag. The middle of the book was really a push to get through, and the ending fell flat for me. Though I completely understand the grief and obsession that can belie someone after a loss (toppled with mental health stuff going on), I must admit I felt frustrated with Claire for much of the novel. I don’t want to give away more on this, but I would love to hear if other people felt this way, as well.