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the pursuit of truth..

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Let's start with the cover. Did it immediately catch my eye? Yes. The colorful cover and the bright red X definitely caught my eye.

The summary of this book sounds like it was taken right off the latest nightly news. Things like this truly happen everyday. That realism made it that much more intriguing to me.

On the last night of a family vacation on the island of Saint X, college student Alison disappear. At that time, Claire was only 7. Alison's body is found a few days later. Two employees from the resort are arrested - one of those men being Clive Richardson. However, there is little evidence for the case and the case goes unsolved. The family has no choice but to move on. Years later, Claire crosses paths with Clive, and in that moment becomes obsessed with the idea of the truth. Who was her sister? What really happened?