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Successfully ambitious

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While the synopsis of this book is comprehensive in the scope of the story, there is no way to really convey what’s happening here. This book is haunting; i defy you not to set this book down and think of at least one person you’ve lost in your life at some point while reading. To think about the lengths to which you would go to learn the truth about an event that changed your life irrevocably.

There were moments when i thought maybe i didn’t want another perspective added to the story. That maybe there was too much backstory being given. But as i continued to read i discovered that i was wrong; i wanted it all. I cared about each of these characters and wanted to know all i could about them. I was annoyed at the right moments and provoked at others and may have even laughed a few times. There were times when i almost picked up my phone to research how much of what i was reading was true, but i couldn’t break the spell that i was under.

Do yourself a favor and pick this one up when it’s released.