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OMG so fantastic!!

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**spoiler alert** Wow.
Ok, so when I read the blurb, I really REALLY thought it was going to be a thriller. It’s not. It’s not at all.
Yes. There is a death. The death of an 18 year old girl who is on vacation with her family at the Saint X Resort. Yes, the “murder” is not solved. But the story isn’t about solving it.
Claire is 11 years younger than her sister Allison and idolizes her. Allison is found dead on a family vacation and two locals who work at the resort they were staying were arrested and let go.
Saint X deals with the aftermath of a tragedy and how it shaped one girl. Claire is now going by the name of Emily and living in NY. One night, as a twist of fate, she gets into a taxi driven by Clive. Clive just happens to be one of the 2 boys arrested all those years ago as suspects in her sisters murder.
Ok so that’s the gist of the story, but there is so much more meat to it. Through Claire/Emily’s narration, we see the impact her sisters death had on her and her parents and more importantly how unsettled Claire was because she didn’t really know her sister. Once she realized it was Clive, she became almost obsessed with following him. It was borderline stalking but she watched him to get his patterns and forms a sort of friendship with him.
Clive, he has his own secrets. A young man who never thought highly of himself and became a father at a young age, he is now older and working in NY. He pities Emily and views her as lost.
The mystery surrounding Allison’s death is almost an after thought. What the book truly zooms in on is how the death affected so many, from Allison’s Family, the actor and his girlfriend who found her and to Clive and Edwin who were accused of killing her.
There are some fantastic characters in this book. While the book is told mainly from Claire’s view, Clive’s story is sprinkled in along with insights to the people who were affect by her death. We read how it effect her ex, who never really got over the loss of his first love. The actor’s girlfriend who found her, the college boy who flirted and had a brief physical relationship with her at the resort, all the way to Clive’s friends. Such a truthful story on how one event can change a person (or in this case many people’s lives)
The circumstances surrounding Allison’s death are never fully revealed, I was able to draw my own conclusion on what transpired that night. Especially after reading Clive’s confession of that night.
This book is due out on Feb. I highly recommend for everyone to put this on their TBR!
Thank you so much to Celadon Reads for the ARC in exchange for my honest review. #celadonReads #ReadSaintX