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Not what I expected

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When I read about the book Saint X I was interested. This story sounded like a thriller plucked from the newspaper headlines. This is not the case. This book certainly isn't a thriller and is barely a mystery. The point is to discover who killed a teenager at a vacation island location but the book ends up as a discussion of grief. If you want a thought provoking story about how people handle all kinds of loss, without getting terribly depressing then Saint X is for you. The writing is engrossing, and descriptive without repeating itself, the author moves the story along, not lingering too long on any topic. I really appreciated the writing style. This book was really good, my problem is with myself and not the book. I thought I was reading a thriller and kept expecting the story to race to a heart pounding conclusion, which it never did. Again, a strong, well written, interesting read but not a thriller or suspenseful mystery.