Literary thriller

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I think I’d describe this as a meandering thriller.

Alison and her family are vacationing at an exclusive resort on Saint X, an island in the Caribbean. Alison’s eighteen, beautiful and likes to party. She gets entangled with both a blonde boy staying at the resort and two of the staff. When she disappears on what was supposed to be the final night of her vacation, the two staff members are arrested, then quickly released.

Her disappearance and the eventual discovery of her body reverberates through the lives of everyone involved, but especially the two staff members - Edwin and Clive - and Alison’s kid sister Claire. When, years later in NYC, Claire accidentally gets into Clive’s taxi, she becomes obsessed with the thought that it was meant to be. Maybe she’ll finally find answers to what happened long ago on Saint X.

This book takes you on a journey through the life story of everyone remotely connected to the case before you get to the final reveal. It also provides insightful commentary in the class distinctions present in resort towns. This book deals with issues of identity, tragedy and how one moment can shape a life.