Left waiting for more

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Let me first start by saying the writing in this book is beautiful. It's hypnotic, creating an atmosphere you feel a part of. You're there with the character, on the beach or in NY.

It almost makes you forget about the progression of the story. And that is where I battled with the rating I gave it. Because the writing is trying to make you a part of it's surroundings it forgets to move the story along. When the characters are introduced and their stories unfold nothing much is added from the start to it's end. I feel I am in constant state of limbo, which in retrospect may be what the author wants you to feel after what unfolds. Perhaps this is exactly what all the characters feel after the event, this feeling of bleakness, of standing still as life goes on around you.

It left me feeling lost and sad, the truth of what happened their own conclusion.