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Saint X by Alexis Schaitkin is a fabulous, gripping, and intricate thriller that has a dash of mystery thrown in to top off this delightful read.

There are several things that I love about this book:

1. I enjoyed the initial premise of the mystery surrounding the disappearance and loss of Claire’s big sister, Alison, and the questions that are presented secondary her death.

2. I find it fascinating that while I was initially drawn into the book due to the initial plot, I found that that is only a fraction of the journey through this book. One finds themes presented that take the reader through not only the young girl’s death, but also the aftermath: what happens to the interrogated, what happens to the family members after such a devastating and tragic loss, how one copes with not only a murder of a loved one, but also a murder that does not have an answer, and what happens/how said events affect individuals long-term.

3. I enjoyed the pace of the book, the twists and turns, and I was satisfied with the ending.

4. I also actually enjoyed (in a way) disliking some of the characters ( adult Claire and Alison). To find them imperfect, spoiled, and selfish made them more real to me.

5. I enjoyed being able to read alternate points of view, not only from Claire and Clive, but also little snippets from other characters as well. It gave the reader a better, well-rounded peak into this story.

6. I also enjoyed the descriptions of the landscapes of this imagined island in the Caribbean and of NYC. The author was able to actually create an image so that I actually felt as if I was there.

This is an excellent book that weaved a complicated and intricate tale that kept me interested till the end. Yes, this is a murder/mystery/thriller, but the author was able to add so much more. And that, ladies and gentlemen sets this book apart from others and will keep it fresh in my mind for many months to come.

Excellent 5/5 stars.