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Atmospheric and very well-written!

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Saint X is not a typical thriller. It's a literary novel first, examining a plethora of issues that would keep a book club discussing for days. From white privilege and racism to familial and sexual relationships. It's a reminder that no one can ever really, truly know someone else completely. There will always be layers or secrets that make us humans, wholly alike and wholly different. Like a lazy, sun-filled vacation on a tropical island, this book is a slow-burn, taking its time to reveal the characters and events that surround the disappearance of Claire's big sister, Alison. Years later, when Claire's path crosses with one of the men who was with Alison on her final night, Claire becomes obsessed with not only what happened to her sister on Saint X, but who Alison really was. Beautifully written, this debut novel deserves attention. Told from alternating points-of-view that could have quickly become confusing, Schaitkin manages to give each character a distinctive voice, guiding the reader on a journey that crosses land, water, and cultures. With such an impressive first novel, I look forward to future endeavors by the author.