You’ll need a partner for this twisted tale

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Sara Donoghue is bound and determined to find her missing sister, but that will not be an easy task to accomplish. Once a year a path appears in the forest and Lucy Gallows calls out, wanting desperately to be found. Sara’s sister, Becca, went looking for Lucy on that road a year ago; she never came back. Maybe, with some help and some luck, Sara can navigate the road and find her sister. ⁣

Rules For Vanishing is a creepy, twisted tale that definitely hooked me right away. Using a mixture of first person narration, interview transcripts, text messages and more, Kate Alice Marshall weaves quite the dark and original story. I love that this novel has not only a strong female lead, but the other characters are themselves extremely diverse. I only wish more attention was given to the sixth gate; I felt like it was almost skipped over.