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Unputdownable YA Paranormal Mystery

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I looooove the mixed document, found media book narratives. It’s really hard to do right, but when it is, DAMN. This is one of those times.

Immediately hooked from the preview. Couldn’t stop thinking about it until I got it. DEVOURED it upon arrival. Was seriously contemplating skipping work to finish it. I couldn’t sit still while waiting to get back to reading it. 
>Saw nothing coming. Absolute zero.
>All about the sisterly love, old friends coming together & crushes getting revealed amid unbelievable life and death circumstances
>W/M & W/W coupling
>Love the twisty WTF narrative
>Love the continuous mysteries.
>Want this to be a series!! What are in the other files??? Who’s stealing them & for who?? What happens next, dang it!!

I can’t think of anything else to say that won’t spoil something. Highly recommended for fans of YA paranormal, thrillers or mysteries, especially with damaged and secretive characters.