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That was WILD!!!

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I did not expect this book to take a twisted turn. I was expecting some mild paranormal occurances to happen. But this was deadly! Yet worse!

Upon the sample I previously read, I knew this would give me a Halloween/spooky vibe. That literally did not prepare me for the freaking twilight zone experience "Rules for Vanishing" would funnel me down.

At one point I got chills when Sarah first went into the darkness with Anthony. 1 Rule for the Road: DON'T let go of your partner's hand... Not too far along, they briefly stumbled. Sarah grasped back out for his hand (who she presumed to be Anthony's) and gasped out loud when she heard his voice further back calling out to her YET this hand was pulling her off the road. I knew I was underestimated this title at that moment and then knew Kate Alice Marshall was NOT playing games when she wrote this!

I enjoyed the multi Pov's, letting me perceive the book from many angle's. From the actual characters perspective to the videos from each individuals camera to actually feeling like I'm involved with the investigation to solving what REALLY HAPPENED on the Road.

If you're looking for a good book to give you Halloween vibes and want a scare, this is the book for you.