Takes you on an amazing twisting journey

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Can I start by saying this cover is amazing?! I love how the trees arch over and the shadow of a girlish figure looms over the path. Covers are what first grab your attention and this one gives off an eery vibe, which completely matches the story.

I was hoping for a creepy story, something different from what I've been reading and this was that for sure. It feels like a mix between The Wizard of Oz and a horror movie. It is addicting! The author writes in such a way that you are pulled in and start questioning what is real and what isn't. This book will be one you hate to put down because you NEED to know what happens next.

The author has a very unique way of telling the story, a collection of documents. We see the story as an investigation and witness testimonies. I feel it brings a whole other depth to the tale and I felt it matched the story very well. This is one book you won't want to miss.