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Spooky Page Turner

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Sara’s sister Becca disappeared a year ago. Everyone in town thought she just ran away with a boy, but Sara knows better. There’s a local ghost story of a girl named Lucy Gallows, who disappeared down the road in the wood decades ago. That’s where Becca went. The road only appears once a year and Sara knows if she follows it to find her sister, she might not come back. But she must try.
The story is told with a collection of interviews and cell phone video transcripts, text messages, and first-hand testimony from Sara. I loved the variety of storytelling this book had. It gave me pieces of information at a time, yet never really the full puzzle.
The book was spooky, but never horror. I did get confused in some parts and had to flip back a few pages to confirm what I thought happened, did happen, but most was intentional (that you later find out). I wouldn’t recommend walking away from it for a bit and then coming back. There were too many things and characters and jumps that you could easily get lost when you picked the book back up again.
The ending left me slightly unsatisfied. I get why the ending of the telling of the events on the road finished the way that they did, but the character wrap up just left me with questions that weren’t answered.