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Spooky and so hard to put down!

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This has to be one if the best spooky books I have ever read. It has friendship, love, heartbreak and above all else, a thrilling supernatural adventure! The story starts out with nine relatable teenagers who set out to find the road. They don't know what they will be up against, but they know enough to know it won't be good. They go through a series of challenges to try and make it to the end, for Sara, her main goal is to find her sister.
The writing style is unique, it comes in a series of interviews, and the chapters are the stories as told by Sara. The interviewer and his assistant are trying to piece together what happened to the teenagers on the road. But what they figure out is nothing good.
Before you start reading Rules for Vanishing, you will wanting to make sure you have a few days set aside. Because this is one book that keeps you wanting more. Because for every question it answers, so many more questions pop up!