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Must read horror book!!!

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Rules for Vanishing was such a terrifying read, I can’t tell you how many times I had goosebumps. If you are into ghosts, mystery, horror, and spooky vibes, then this is the book I choose for you! This book was told in multiple views, kind of like the Blair Witch Trials. I honestly can’t even collect my thoughts to write a proper review. This was an incredible read, it takes a lot of horror and a high level of creepiness to make me say that a book truly scared me. This had me so terrified I actually had to stop reading at night and I slept with the lights on.

“So be careful what roads you take, and be careful who you follow down them.”

Rules for Vanishing follows the main character, Sara, on a quest to find her missing sister. She believes her sister found the mysterious ghost road and went down it, only to never come back. Sara and a group of her friends go out at midnight on the believed anniversary of not only Becca’s disappearance, but the anniversary of when Lucy Gallows centuries ago went missing on the same road. To make it through the road, you have to make it through seven horrifying gates, that each unleash a special kind of fear.

“The Sinner’s Gate is guilt, and it is judgement. The toll is blood, Sara Donoghue. The toll is blood, and the wicked among you must pay.”

Honestly, I was expecting such a different storyline, but was so surprised with how this story came together and the ending. I still haven’t yet processed all that happened, all I know is plot twist after plot twist took place. I didn’t have a single clue as to how this would end, and OH boy was it crazy. Rules for Vanishing was actually crazy from the very first page to the last. I didn’t know what a true frightening book was until I read this.