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This is a Young Adult book. I didn’t realize that when I started reading. That didn’t stop me from finishing it though. I frequently enjoy YA books better than some adult books.
Becca disappeared and no one believed that she went into the woods and didn’t run off. No one but Sara her sister. There is only one night a year that the road appears in the woods. Becca was interested in this because of a long ago story about Lucy. Lucy disappeared after she ran in the woods while the family was preparing for her sister’s wedding. They just figured she got kidnapped but never found her body. Becca and Sara explored this and became very interested. Becca found the road the one time a year it appeared. She followed it and disappeared.
Now this is a paranormal, and mysterious story. Everyone especially Sara and her friends wanted to find Becca and bring her home. There were many rules and not a single rule could be broken. It is very difficult to write a summary. There is a lot of actions and theories in the book. You must read it.