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It's creepy and I like it!

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This story is a paranormal mystery about a road that appears one night every year in the forest. If you follow this road you will find Lucy Callow's ghost, nicknamed Lucy Gallows. The plot of this story is very intriguing because you're always questioning what will happen next. I love the format of the book, it seems to be told in interviews, files and in normal story format. Parts of the story seem to be in the past and other parts are in the present/future. The author describes the characters really well and managed to create a very diverse range of characters, even though there are a lot of characters, each one has a different personality from the others. The main character Sara is very unlikeable so far but that doesn't make the story itself unlikeable. Sara is searching for her sister Becca who she thinks went missing down Lucy Gallow's road. There's only question on my mind, where is Becca!?