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I enjoyed it.

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This was an overall good read, but there were a few things about it that left the reader wanting more. The plot was similar to a book that I have previously read (The Woods) and I could interchange the plot between the two and at times it felt like I was reading the same book.

The characters were unique to this story, however, and there were parts of the plot that the reader really enjoyed. Sara is looking for her sister, Becca, who has been missing for a year. They have a group of friends that were helping her to find her sister. Sara thinks she knows all about her sister, her friends and the path in the woods, but does she? Can they all make it back?

The plot moves along, some times it seems slow, sometimes it seems fast, but at no time does it make the reader scream with excitement. It is a tad on the predictable side and a tad boring. Not the worst book ever, but not my favorite either. I did enjoy parts of it, just not all of it.

Overall a good read. Grab this one and be prepared to read it without the highest of expectations and you will enjoy it.