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YA horror is a fun genre for me. This a ghost story with teenagers. For teenagers. So going in I'm well aware of that. So I'm not going to knock off points for it not really scaring me. I'm an adult who watches and reads heavier stuff. That being said, This was a good book and I don't regret using my Bookish First points to get an ARC.

I have found that I enjoy books have transcripts ( or descriptions of videos, texts, etc etc.) included along the chapters to help bring you into the situations more. The entire book doesn't read this way so it's not too much either.

I only had two issues..they weren't enough to make me stop reading but still worth noting...There are a lot of characters in this book. There could have easily been one or two less. My other is issue that it felt like the author tried to add one of every type of teenager you could think which isn't bad at all..but in this case came across as less authentic as I think it was supposed to.

All in all a good read and I think it would definitely have it's intended reaction were a teenager to read it.