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Wow. I haven't read a book that's compulsory readable in SO long. I won't lie, I had my doubts because YA horror is usually not that great but THIS. This is. It was genuinely creepy and it was SO hard to put this down when real life got in the way. I can't really write a proper review for this because I realized I am incapable of reviewing books I loved but.. this is such a good book. The format is super engaging. I can totally see it be adapted into a TV series or movie. it's best not reading the synopsis or reading many reviews either. Speaking of movies, this kind of reminded me of Silent Hill if I'm remembering the movie correctly.

The only issue I have with the book is that some of it is a little confusing but the story is so unique that I can let that pass. I think there was a lot going on but that's what made it so interesting. I'm giving this a strong 4.5 and rounding because I'm generous and I loved this. I would like to know what Kate Alice Marshall's thought process was with this and wish I could ask her my questions SO hopefully we get another book. I will be reading her other novels in the meantime.