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Originally, I wasn’t really interested in this book because I thought it was going to be too paranormal for my tastes, but after learning this was a horror novel, I decided to give this one a go, especially since there’s not a lot of horror out there in YA. Unfortunately, this didn’t work with me.

The elements with the interviews, video transcripts, and text messages were really well done. I was actually creeped out a couple times, which is impressive, since horror novels rarely do that for me. I felt for most of the characters, so when they died, I did actually feel something. And this book was also diverse, which was great - a bisexual main character, a lesbian love interest, a hard of hearing character, a character of color, people of color.

I just found this story boring. I typically am not a fan of stories where a group of people go on a journey for something, and that was basically this book.