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Creepy? Very!

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In the true faux documentary style of The Blair Witch this story has a feeling of being ground but the horror of what the honest heck just happened?!?

In the town of Briar Glen there is a legend. Once a year a a road appears and at the end of this road in the forest is the ghost of Lucy Gallows. . . And Lucy wants to play a game!! If you win her twisted game you get to go free and if not. . . Well. . . It isn’t gonna be pretty and you can pretty much kiss your soul goodbye. Little does this quiet town know, this isn’t just a ghost story to keep kids from wandering into dark eerie woods alone!

Two sisters have learned this lesson the hard way and for one (Becca) the game is not going well. Sister Sara must go find her lost sister and travel Lucy’s road in the process.

This novel is just twisted and I LOVE IT!!