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Absolutely fantastic!

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This is the most seasonally-appropriate book I’ve ever read and I couldn’t be happier to have had the pleasure of getting ridiculously freaked out by its ghostly shenanigans.

I absolutely loved the unique formatting of the novel. It’s told in texts, testimonies, interviews, “video evidence”, etc. Ever wonder where you can find yourself more ILLUMINAE-ish structured books? Well, ILLUMINAE but with more scary folklore, unsettling mysteries, and missing people. I respect it for conveying a comprehensible story through this ambitious, undoubtedly difficult medium.

What also sticks out is the character dynamics among the rather large cast that sets to follow the road and uncover the mystery. This was also creepier than I expected, so major kudos to this book for being scarier than, say, THE DEVOURING GRAY (which is a worthy comparable book, and yet). I, of course, absolutely love the horror angle AND the mystery angle, and it’s so easy to keep the reader invested throughout that it turns a not-small book into something that you can honestly finish in one setting.

I won’t go too much in depth for fear of spoilers, but: know that this. is very. addicting.

I have not read Marshall’s debut, I AM STILL ALIVE, yet, but it sounds totally up my alley. Survivalist murder mystery book is EXACTLY the kind of thing you say to me to get me to throw money at you and snatch your book up.