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Calvin sure knows how to play with a girl's hormones, even if he's not doing anything, “ah.” I’m overheated. “No. We’ll need to talk to Robert at some point, but I took the rest of the week off to, um . . .” I have to turn away to reach for the coffee filters . His body is insane. His body hair is the best balance of there-but-not-furry. Calvin is half naked in my apartment and I am completely losing my shit right now. I need to get some distance and some caffeine. I gesture vaguely to him across the room. “To study.” I think Calvin may be a tad bashful, “don’t look,” he says, grinning over at me. “I gotta pee, and I’m going to walk naked to your bathroom because I think you ripped my clothes off by the front door.” I loved this bok, I fell in love with Calvin the man's accent sure can get the blood revving.